Our Current Trading Partners

We are proud to work with more than 20 companies that trust us to be their sales and fulfillment partner. Some of our partners can be found below and include CandleCharts.com, Disciplined Trader, Toni Turner, TradersCoach.com, CycleProphet, TradeTheMarkets, TradingConcepts, MarketTamer, OptionsMD, MarketGauge, NinjaTrader, Top Gun Options, Wealth Creation Investing, and Trading Science.

We look forward to our future partnership with you and your team!

The Beacon Methodology

The Beacon training delivery system provides its students with fundamental principles, which serve as a compass for their further direction. It enables organizations to become champions, and to achieve success beyond their expectations.

It’s Not Just Training, It’s Personal

It is possible to achieve outstanding levels of retention and learning transfer, which are practiced and applied in real life situations.

Lifting people through education

We are a training and education company specializing in a unique training delivery system. We have proven that this training method represents the way learning and change take place.

Enhancing Your Company’s Service Offering

Our custom distance learning programs allow companies to significantly enhance their service offerings to past, present and future customers. We take your successful product and design programs based on the power of our training methods, and then deliver the product. The personalized education programs build customer loyalty and dramatically increase rates of return.