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 Our goal at Beacon Learning Group (BLG) is to provide you with high quality education and training designed to motivate you to achieve personal, financial and self improvement goals.

 We have focused our resources on developing and delivering programs that align and support YOU, and your business objectives.

 These Programs are designed to enable any student to fulfill dreams of a lifetime of financial freedom, independence and security.

Just a note to thank you for providing me with Neal Craythorn as my Beacon forex coach. Since he has been teaching me, it's the first time over my trading career that my trading account has slowly started to increase in value, instead of decreasing. Over these past months I've finally started to recognize good potential trades as well as when not to trade. Now that I seem to have gotten the very basics down, Neal is currently working with me to convey his mastery of recognizing alternative counts, diagonals, triangles & complex correctives. He is a concise, courteous, professional who goes the extra mile to make sure I am getting it. You should be proud to have such a talented & successful coach on your staff. I feel as I start to recognize & master these more complex movements, I'm finally in the home stretch of becoming an independent forex trader.

Ken Snitz

I started my coaching sessions with Gary Wabel in January. His consistent, raw price-action based trading methods really helped my trading results start to improve greatly. His explanations are clear and consistent. His explanation about indicators is eye-opening. This simplifies trading, which leads to clearer trading and rapid trading decisions. Yes, I derived a lot benefit from his teachings and guidance.

Beacon Learning Groups training structure, with an initial 12 weekly coaching sessions, followed by an additional 15 months of as many subsequent coaching sessions as you can stomach, really helps one through good and tough times. And keeps you focused. And when changes in market conditions force trading style adjustment, your coach is there for feedback and advice. In addition to continuing coaching sessions, Beacon Learning Group provides access to several interactive webinars weekly, giving a broad perspective on live trading and trading subjects.

Excellent structure and service.

Karel (Singapore)

I became interested in investing late in life – before that my father handled everything for me through his own broker. Then I started reading investment news and advisories via the internet and became interested. I was intrigued by the idea of a private teacher and mentor – and that is what I got with the Beacon Learning Program.

The Beacon Learning Group comprises two basic elements -- a series of 1 on 1 hourly sessions once a week and very valuable hourly impromptu sessions (that we originate when we want them) with one of the instructors via the "resource line" – this gives you a chance on a one-on-one basis to go over your charts and proposed trades and catch any mistakes before you make a trade.

I have interacted with many of their teachers, not only my personal tutor -- they are all great, friendly, go out of their way to be helpful, and are real trading masters

Alan Wagshal (Israel)